We advise private and institutional clients from Switzerland and the International Community in regards to the financial and non-financial aspects of wealth management. Our value-add stems from our independence and our transparency. These are values that we defend, and that are core to our business. Our Group is 100% owned by the management team.
We develop solutions that are tailored to our clients: might they be families, millennials, entrepreneurs or pensions funds. These offers were not built for our clients, but with our clients, to simplify the financial component of their life equation to the fullest.
Our clients benefit from unique financial expertise, which puts transparence, excellence and simplicity at the forefront. We build lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clients and put their best interest at the heart of all that we do and deliver.
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Know-how, Performance, Independence

  • Discretionary and advisory mandates
  • Wealth analysis and consolidation
  • Patrimonial engineering
  • Wealth transmission issues management
  • Structuring of financial products
  • Financial and non financial asset management
  • Reporting and consolidation
  • Mandate : Member of the Board of Directors
  • Mandate : Member of the Pension Fund Board
  • Mandate : Member of the Pension Fund Investment Committee
  • Management of corporates liquid assets
  • We advise professional investors
In order to respond in the most appropriate way to the differing needs of our clients, our Group surrounds itself with a community of experts. We put our forty years of accumulated experience at their disposal and help connect our clients within the following four domains: entrepreneurship, education, philanthropy and sustainable development.

The family and entrepreneurial nature of our clients calls for skills in a wide range of areas. These include taxation, law, real estate, fiduciary services, philanthropic consulting and corporate consulting among others.

Founded in 1936 on the bases of the law firm Frôté & Partner SA and with around forty employees, the F&P Group offers services covering legal advice, notarial services, tax services, advice regarding business management, wealth management as well as administrative services.

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